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 "The greatest way to be untrue to yourself is to believe you can't be anything other than what you have been."

Relax Renew offers Seminars, Classes, and Personal Training to enhance your total Well Being. Drawing on the resources of ancient cultures, holistic practices, and modern science, our programs give you new skills, options, and possibilities for feeling better and better. 

​                 * no classes May 28-June 6th

Fight Stress & Find Serenity

Qigong and Yiquan

 Qi or "chi" means energy and "gong" refers to any skill developed through dedicated practice. Qigong is a method of building, balancing, and refining your energy and awareness. There are      thousands of  Qigong forms which may focus on health, martial power, inner alchemy, spirituality and ethical development or can be a synthesis of these.

 mindfulness in motion

Why Tai Chi?

Scientifically verified benefits:
  •    lower blood pressure  •    strengthen immune system  •    better balance
  •    reduces stress and tension  •    body mind harmony •    increased awareness
 •    increased circulation of blood and qi   •    increased brain size (grey matter)

 Taijiquan is an excellent mind body exercise, integrating internal kung fu, meditative awareness, Taoist philosophy, and the physics of effortless movement.

Upcoming Classes

Tai Chi Course

Yang style, 24 form​ $45

MAY 13- JUNE 17


Dental Studies Institute

Qigong Seminar

4CEU's $85

Beginners Tai Chi


MAY 15  12:30-4:30pm

Dental Studies Institute

​7 Spielman Rd, Fairfield NJ


MONDAYS 6:30-7:30PM

New Pathway

321 Change Bridge Rd.

Pine Brook, NJ

 -Snippets of Wisdom, Vol. 2, The Storyteller